Top Ten Photos of 2011

Here are my top 10 photos from 2011.  Some of them have not been shown on “Adventures with Andrea”, yet.  Like, this first one…

1. I caught this hummingbird in my backyard.  He was hovering and staring longingly at the almost empty glass feeder.

2. While shooting at a local pond, I met a painter.  I was inspired to try my first attempt at “paintography”.

3. Here’s another that has not been on Adventures with Andrea.  A super closeup of a match reaching the end of it’s life…

4. At the end of a long day in the forest, the last view of the sun was blazing through the trees. And, a little lens fairy visited me…

5. A moody image of the sun barely making it through the clouds on a cold winter day.

6. A local eatery on a warm summer night…

7. Another new one that you’ve never seen (if you don’t follow my Google Plus Profile). A melancholy image of a flower past it’s prime…

8. Exploring the local neighborhood, I loved shooting this fountain. I’m not sure how I missed putting this on Adventures with Andrea…

9. I really pushed the look of this one to make a beautiful old looking corridor for your eyes to wander…

10. Finally, I finished up the year with a nice ornament picture…

Christmas Leaf

Thanks for keeping up with my Adventures with Andrea.  You can follow my Google Plus Profile for more contact with me.  Also, if you are interested in art prints of my best work, head over to  Thanks and have a great 2012.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Photos of 2011

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  2. I cannot decide, which one is my favorite out of your collection. I like a lot the second one, the woman painting on the river? lake? I would love to see this one in black and white. And the last two are great, too. The light is perfect on the ornament, and the bokeh adds to the holiday feel to it. And perspective and HDR treatment makes the image of the old corridor. Great job!

  3. NO 8 & NO 10
    I have never seen a picture of an OLD flower that had such beauty. Every part looked so real.
    The walk way into the light in no 10 made me want to go just around another corner.
    So fantastic. What a gift you have ! Thanks for sharing.

    I have never seen a picture of a flower that captured every detail.

    • Hi Bonita, That flower had such nice color and I could tell that it was once glorious. Thanks for your comments.

  4. WOW!! What camera do you use? Your photos are fantastic!! Have you thought of reprinting them and selling them. I know I would be a buyer!!! Take care & Happy New Year!!

    • Hi Jen,
      Most of these were taken with my Canon T2i. I know you found it but, just in case anyone else is reading this, the site for my photographic prints is 🙂 Thanks for writing!

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