Chicago’s O’Hare at Christmas

We learned on this trip that the day after Thanksgiving is a great day for air travel.  Everyone is probably either shopping or sleeping off the gorging from the previous day.  Either way, the airport was all but empty.

Passing through Chicago’s O’Hare airport, I enjoyed the patterns of the sunlit hall mixed with the holiday decorations they’ve added.  This was taken on the busy day we traveled before Thanksgiving. Despite it being quite busy, everything moved along smoothly.

O'hare Airport at Christmas

Some Days are Like That

I went way out on a limb for this picture – literally.  I climbed a tree and layed on a limb that was hanging out over the pond to shoot down into the water.  The sun peeked through an otherwise cold, cloudy day in the Chicago suburbs.

I caught a bit of a cold and the car seems to be dying since I got back so it seemed appropriate to post a picture that felt like this.

Looking Down

Sunset Over the Clouds

Just flew back home from Chicago where we were spending Thanksgiving.  I love to look out the airplane window.  A photographer friend said he always pretended that he was on a flight personally chartered for his photography.  On this evening, the sun set over the clouds as we flew.  It gave a nice pink hue to the whole floor of clouds below us.

Sunset Over Clouds