Old Steps in Santorini

Here’s a small caveat if you’re going to the town of Oia in Santorini.  There are some stairs that lead down to the water on the North side of Oia.  There are a little over 200 stairs.  But, each step is sloped.  So, it feels like more.  It was a nice view.  But, plan on taking at least a half hour down and more going up.


Foggy Morning in Santorini

Our latest trip was to Santorini, Greece.  We left at night and it took us three flights to get there.  So when we arrived, the sun was just coming up.  We hadn’t slept in 24 hours and we were zombies.  But, I was so excited and the scenery was so beautiful that I had to start shooting immediately.

It was an amazingly calm morning.  A fog hovered over the island.  It was completely silent.  And the water looked like someone had laid a colored sheet of paper on it.