Hummingbird Vs. Chameleon

I was organizing my old photos and came across this.  A fun memory from Houston, TX.  I had a hummingbird feeder out in the backyard hoping to catch pictures of some of those amazingly fast little flyers.  Along comes a bold little chameleon.  (Okay, Anole, really.  But, they are sometimes called American Chameleons).  The humming bird returned and didn’t know what to do.  He flew all around, looking at the little lizard, assessing the danger.  Eventually, he seemed to determine that the lizard wasn’t much of a threat and took a drink before leaving.


Wildflowers and a Bee

It’s the middle of February in Houston, and the wildflowers are already in full bloom.  The bees are so busy they don’t even notice you getting in close for a portrait.  This bee looks like he’s just reporting to work in the morning and indeed they were working hard.

Watch out wandering in the tall grasses and flowers though.  There are ant mounds down under there.  They were not happy at all with me stomping around.  Ah well… It was worth it.

Fires in Magnolia

Recent fires in Texas have destroyed more than 1000 homes. This is a home in a nearby town of Magnolia.

There were nearby homes that were spared.  Driving by, we had to imagine what it would have been like come back after the evacuation to find nothing but ashes and rubble where the living room used to be. 

Texas Renaissance Festival People

The Texas Renaissance Festival is one of the biggest Ren. Faires.  (This IS Texas, after all).  It attracts all types.  The girl on the left is sporting a little chainmail top, a cowboy hat and a tail!  The woman walking near her has an ankle length medieval dress.  Her little fairy daughter clings to mom and wonders how that woman got a tail.  What a crazy place to people watch.  Look mommy, she has a tail