Strength Through Meditation

This was a clever illusion that was set up in many of the tourist hangouts (with a bucket for donations).  The guy on the bottom appears to be holding up a big metal post as effortlessly as a coffee cup.  There is nothing between his sleeve and his lap to hold up the weight.  Balanced on the top of the post is a second man in a mediation pose.  He appears to be light as a feather.  Both are real men occasionally moving slightly or looking around at the passers by.  They would sit there for probably more than an hour.


Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, Italy

Along the Tiber river in Rome is Castel Sant’Angelo.  The beginnings of this building began around 130 A.D..  It has had various uses over the years.  But, the one thing that stuck in my mind is this is the location for the setting of act 3 of Puccini’s Opera Tosca.  Tosca sings the beautiful area “Vissi D’Arte” and later throws herself from the roof of this castle.


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Vatican Museum Hallway

The Vatican Museum was just filled with all the paintings, tapestries, mosaics, and statues you could ask for.  Each corner you turn offers another wealth of historic artwork.  But, entering this hallway was particularly stunning.  The whole length of this ceiling was painted, sculpted and nicely lit.


Cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

In the world’s smallest country of Vatican City, is the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica.  The dome (or cupola) at the top is as amazing as the rest of the church.  You can go up to the top by climbing more than 500 stairs and get a great panoramic view of Rome.  This is the view of the interior of the cupola.


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