The Mess Deck of The “King’s Star”

At the tall ships festival it was really difficult to get a shot of a ship’s interior.  They were quite dark but too crowded to set up a tripod.  And trying to get one without any tourists in it was a trick.

This is the Étoile du Roy (“King’s Star”).  They had the mess deck looking nice so you can imagine an evening sitting here enjoying a drink after sailing all day.


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Cuauhtémoc’s Grand Exit

Cuauhtémoc is a tall ship from Mexico.  On the last day of the tall ships festival, they had the most amazing and delightful exit.

As one of the biggest tall ships in the festival, it would be impressive just watching it sail.  But, they perched the crew on top of the masts.  And they were singing a happy farewell song to the crowd.  The crowd was wide-eyed and smiling.  They stayed up on those masts for as long as I could see the ship in the distance.

CuauhtemocCuauhtemoc and more photo prints are available at

Here they are close up:



Tall Ship Rolled Up for the Night

I begin at the end.  The full moon peeked out from behind the heavy clouds for just a minute or two. The tall ships had their sails rolled up all day.  They were parked in Den Helder, The Netherlands for the Sail 2013 Tall Ships Festival.

After a long, exhausting day, mother nature winked goodnight.

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