4 thoughts on “Creek in The Woodlands

  1. This is your neighborhood? Daaaawyang! You live in another pretty place, B.G.!!

    • Teehee. Yes, having tons of trees in The Woodlands reduced the sting of moving. I do miss the ocean, though.

  2. We are at Starbucks trying to find pictures of your wife and children and we are really disappointed 🙂 happy belated Andrea we miss you and we are NOT joining Facebook to find you….xo

    • 🙂 Thanks for coming by, Adrienne and Drya. I found some actual companies who had stole photos of my kids from this site and were using them for their advertisements. So, no more kids pictures here. You can look here to find out what we’re up to and where we are (and have been). Andrea said she’d send you guys something soon. Mm hmm. Soon.

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