Wildflowers and a Bee

It’s the middle of February in Houston, and the wildflowers are already in full bloom.  The bees are so busy they don’t even notice you getting in close for a portrait.  This bee looks like he’s just reporting to work in the morning and indeed they were working hard.

Watch out wandering in the tall grasses and flowers though.  There are ant mounds down under there.  They were not happy at all with me stomping around.  Ah well… It was worth it.

Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Back in June of 2003, we took a trip to Cambodia.  We were in the area of the country called Siem Reap (pronounced SEE-um REE-up).

Angkor Thom is an ancient walled-in city with a temple called the Bayon that has 54 towers. Each tower has stone carved faces looking in all directions. Depending on who you listen to, the face is a depiction of the king or it’s a composite of the kings face and the serene face of Buddha. (It’s the same face in every carving). No one knows why they made so many.

Climbing on and around these ruins was a good test of how “sure-footed” you are. The Bayon is partially restored.