Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

Although I had seen pictures and generally knew what I was going to see, Dunnottar Castle (pronounced “duh-NOTE-er”) really grabbed me.  It is ruins now but enough is there to spark your imagination to marvel at this castle built on a rocky cliff plateu overlooking the North Sea.

There’s only one path up (good for defense, of course).  We climbed the tower stairs and were treated to more amazing views.  Further on the other side of the hill are more buildings where nobility lived.

I will definitely be posting more pictures of Dunnottar Castle again soon.

Dunnottar Castle


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Crathes Castle

Scotland is known for it’s many castles.  Crathes Castle (pronounced Krah’-thehs) is one of the best preserved.  The property had been handed down through generations for 350 years and was occupied as recently as the 1950’s.

Since it’s winter, there were not that many people there and we got a personal tour for just our family!  They told us about all the history of the castle.  The land was given by King Robert the Bruce in 1323.  The castle was built for defense with super thick walls and narrow slits for windows. The coat of arms for the owning family features a hunting horn which is there on display in the family room.  The castle was modernized in the 1930’s with bigger windows and newer kitchen features.

Crathes CastleCrathes Castle and more photographic prints are available on www.BriansArt.com



A Glass of Water at 700 miles per hour

Since it’s a company move, we got to fly business class.  The clouds get dark quickly when you’re flying eastward.  Putting your feet up, playing video games, and eating nuts at 30,000 feet in the air (and 700 miles per hour) makes you thirsty.  How about a glass of water?  If we could only fly this way all the time…


New Adventures Starting

Let me catch you up a little.  A lot has happened in the last month since I posted anything here.  The day after Christmas 2012, movers showed up.  Our house went from “home at Christmas” to “a collection of boxes where we used to live” in one day.  Then the next day it became “a big empty house where we used to live.”  We had been preparing for this day for months.  Now we start the next big Adventure with Andrea – Living in Scotland.  Goodbye to “The Woodlands.”  We’ll be back someday.

The two pictures below are the same corner of the house – 24 hours apart.  The only recognizable things left are the curtain and the mantle.