Mossy Stone Fences

One of the cool things here in Scotland is the abundance of these old stone walls.  They are fences around properties really.  You can see them in my other recent pictures ( and  They seem like they’ve been here for centuries.  And with the moist climate here, the moss gives them a distinctive soft green covering.

Mossy Stone Fence

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For Love of Bridges

I am going to jump back to a few months ago for this picture – Christmas in The Woodlands.  I just wanted to highlight a nice bridge scene to bring attention to a Bridge Photos Contest that’s being put on by the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers).  They have invited me to be a judge for the contest.  If you’re interested, all the info on the contest is at

Woodlands Waterway Holidays

Woodlands Waterway Holidays and more photographic prints are available at

Moonrise over Dunnottar Castle, Scotland, UK

After taking pictures of the moon rising just above the ruins of Dunnottar Castle, I took some steps back and caught the moon reflecting off the North Sea.  It’s a shame more people don’t pay attention to the moons patterns and watch the full moon rise.  It really was a beautiful night.


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