Mossy Stone Fences

One of the cool things here in Scotland is the abundance of these old stone walls.  They are fences around properties really.  You can see them in my other recent pictures ( and  They seem like they’ve been here for centuries.  And with the moist climate here, the moss gives them a distinctive soft green covering.

Mossy Stone Fence

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2 thoughts on “Mossy Stone Fences

  1. Hi : Hi… I am thoroughly enjoying your photos. I only just got on this site so I haven’t seen everything by a long shot yet.. Doris is my one of my very best friends for almost 47 years now.. We met when our boys were about 6 months old and have remained good friends since.. I will go now and look at more of your wonderful photos.. Do do such beautiful work and it sounds like you are enjoying Scotland.. My Mum is from England and I was over in 1984 and thought it all so grand then… take care…

    • Hi Diane,
      Thanks for stopping by. And, thanks for your nice comments.

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