Vatican Museum Hallway

The Vatican Museum was just filled with all the paintings, tapestries, mosaics, and statues you could ask for.  Each corner you turn offers another wealth of historic artwork.  But, entering this hallway was particularly stunning.  The whole length of this ceiling was painted, sculpted and nicely lit.


Cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

In the world’s smallest country of Vatican City, is the world’s largest church, St. Peter’s Basilica.  The dome (or cupola) at the top is as amazing as the rest of the church.  You can go up to the top by climbing more than 500 stairs and get a great panoramic view of Rome.  This is the view of the interior of the cupola.


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St. Giles Interior

Yesterday, I posted a picture of the exterior of St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The interior is even more incredible.  The first picture gives you a taste of the interior columns and coat of arms.  St. Giles Interior

The second moves in to soak in the entrance with it’s beautiful stained glass window and stunning blue ceiling.  When we walked into the church, I looked at Andrea and said, can you give me a while in here?   Thanks, Andrea for taking the boys to get a bite to eat while I spent time here…

St. Giles Entrance

Finally, (and this may be my favorite of all three), the pipe organ features a cross shape and is surrounded by amazing architecture.

St. Giles Organ

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The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland

Walking around the city of Edinburgh, we were treated to view after view of amazing old buildings.  What a picturesque city!  This is the type of shot I might plan for months.  – Checking when the moon will rise just over a fantastic old hotel.  – Waiting for good weather.  But, no- we just turned a corner and there it was.

The Balmoral Hotel…

The Balmoral Hotel

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