Winter Hike in Scotland

We’re back home in Scotland and everyone is off for winter break.  (Yes, even Andrea).  We took a day trip up to the Highlands and went for a hike on a big hill.  The sun stays very low at this time of year.  So, this side of the hill probably won’t see any sun for months.  We were a little unprepared for how cold and windy it would be.  But, we did see a deer and some beautiful scenery.

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A Dream Wedding in Santorini

We happened upon this couple perched on top of a building getting ready for official wedding photos.  They talked and gazed happily into each other’s eyes.  What a beautiful way to start life together.



There were actually many newly weds in town.  We would see them standing in seemingly daring places every now and then.  Everyone greeted them with smiles and well wishes.