The Kelpies – Coming to Falkirk, Scotland

Driving down the road in Falkirk, Scotland looks like you’re approaching a chess game of the gods.  Rising above the horizon are two horse heads that are as big as a 9 story building (30m).  They are due to open to the public in April of 2014.  They are the creation Scotland’s own artist, Andy Scott.  I hope to be there for the official opening.

The Kelpies from road


Here is a photo of one of The Kelpies close up.  Notice the size of the worker…

One of The Kelpies-Scotland

2 thoughts on “The Kelpies – Coming to Falkirk, Scotland

    • Thanks, Lauri. I do have one more shot. But, yeah, I hope to go to the official opening. Should be interesting.

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