Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk

On Oct 1st 2011, Scott Kelby had his annual World Wide Photo Walk.  It takes place in cities all over the world.  Our local version was in a forest in The Woodlands, TX.

I had never been on a photo walk. It was kind of an odd experience. A bunch of strangers all met at the head of a trail that leads into the forest.  When we headed out, I felt like I needed to be inspired – right now. But, there wasn’t really that much that I was excited about shooting at that point.

I met some photographers of widely varying skill levels.  All of them were very friendly which made the whole day out fun regardless of the pictures.

Eventually, I got into a groove and found some interesting forest items.  This fungus was the first thing I came across.  More to come.

Painting a pond in The Woodlands

It was a nice morning for art by the pond. The Woodlands has nice little community ponds that add to the homeyness.  And of course, being The Woodlands, they’re surrounded by trees.

So, I headed out and met a nice woman enjoying the scenery. I hope to see her painting on display at a local gallery. I’m sure we’ll meet again.

If you click on this picture, you’ll get to see the painted effect better.  Here, it’s too small to see.

This and other photos are available at:

The Woodlands Walk

The Woodlands, Texas has serene little walking paths through the wooded areas between houses.  This walk goes between the neighborhood backyards.  But the foliage is quite dense, making it feel like you are far from civilization.